Measure your customer happiness

Send NPS® surveys right inside your product. Collect feedbacks. Analyse them in realtime.

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Identify risks and retain your customers

Assess your product with constant feedback from your customers. Figure out customers with problems, solve them pro-actively.

Periodic NPS Surveys Collect feedback from your customers on regular intervals without any hassle.

Transactional NPS Surveys Collect feedbacks about a feature easily. Identify how customers react to newer additions.

Segmentation Segment your customers into promoters, neutrals and detractors based on the feedback provided.

NPS Trends Visualize your NPS score over a period of time. Analyse your product’s performance over a period of time.

User distribution View the distribution of users and see where your product stands. Figure out strategies to have more promoters for your product.

Real-time reports

Access the reports in real-time. Analyse NPS trends, view your Net Promoter Score®, find out how your product performs, in real-time.